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  Jiaju Tibetan residence, which means"one hundred people" in Tibetan,and  is 7 km distant from Danba county. It’s a major waystation that links with Malcolm,Jinchuan, Siguniang Mountain, Kangding, Tagong Grassland,and also known as a shining pearl on the tourism of the Western Sichuan circular tour area. Scenic area is 20 square kilometers, involving Niexia township and Bhawan township in Danba County, including 15 administrative villages, and 846 households. Tibetan village climbs from Jinchuan River Valley layer upon layer, extends to the foot of the peaks Ka Pama,that seems like the whole village meanders by the ups and downs of the mountain.On the relative elevation of nearly 1000 meters hillside, Tibetan buildings’shadow falling on the green bush,linking with slick valley, clear streams, snowy peaks, then the idyllic picture presents in front of people. The senic is located in Jinchuan River.The main area of ​​altitude is between 2000 and 2600m,that’s not high enough to have an effect.It is Qinghai-Tibet Plateau monsoon climate, with an average annual temperature of 14.2 ℃,the highest temperature is 34.8 ℃, so the climate is comfortable for everyone. "Ten miles with different weathers", and"Pear flowers  bloom at the foot of mountain, peach flowers are blossoming in hillside, snowing in the peak" ,that’s a true reflection of climate features for Jiaju senic.
In 2005,it won the first prize of the most beautiful villiages in the"Chinese National Geography" selection.
In 2006,Jiaju Tibetan villages was ranked the first in "China's six most beautiful rural town" selection.
In 2007,the State Council announced it as the "national key cultural relics protection units".It awarded the "Tibetan village customs and cultural village" by Sichuan Province.
In 2009,Danba Jiarong style plot wing Abstract "China · Sichuan ten famous festival," Tibetan villages ranks among the World Heritage Tentative List, and Danba stone craft already listed in the national intangible cultural heritage tentative list. 
since 2011 Tibetan villages has won the "Sichuan Tibetan village culture and customs of the town", "the China's most national characteristics festival" and many else honors and awards. 

A rank of Jiaju
1) the most unique historical value and cultural connotation - Jiarong Tibetan Culture, East female country legends, beautiful valley in the world and its aboriginal life scenes;
2)the ancient intangible cultural heritage - ancient Song Dynasty carved stone, Cangzhai stone craft skills;
3) a modern city tourism attraction - the beautiful countryside, the Millennium ancient carving, Tibetan village’s living, the legendary folk culture;

Main Attractions
Tibetan village houses, the Red Army division headquarters site of Tibetan independence, Hongwu Jun regiment Political Department site, toast Guanzhai , Baita, octagonal Watchtower, trees, Happy Valley floor, muscovite mine industry experience, Buyi temple, viewing the Grand Canyon platform, No. viewing platform.
The main tourist season
The end of March to early April Pear Festival.  sightseeing, vacation, photography in spring, summer, and autumn in October.
Main activities: Lunar April 15 Jiaju Jockey Club, Lunar May 13 Niejia mountain will turn, the villagers organized pot party.

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